Master Informatix Systems Inc. (MIS) is Sterling, Virginia USA (Washington DC Metro) based corporation engaged in Software Engineering and Development, Business Intelligence, Analytic, DevOps, Databases and Systems, Administration, Technical Support and IT Staffing services. At MIS, business problems are sApplcation Developmentolved by our expertise and experience with e-explosion and mobile computing technologies that leverage opportunities offered by new technologies. MIS has over 20 years experience servicing and supporting systems and applications for Telecommunications, Federal and State Governments, Trade Associations, Manufacturing and Distribution, Banking  and Finance industries.


MIS is provider of system, application development and related services and is engaged with business enterprises in developing, customizing, integrating and supporting state-of-the-art-technology for systems and IT assets. We help build cost effective solutions and strategies for IT applications and system development using appropriate technologies. MIS implements and supports cloud computing (AWS and AZURE) and in-house infrastructure solutions and develop client’s capabilities to manage the complexities of digital economy.