MIS’s experience in designing, building and operating scalable IT infrastructures and experience with AWS and Azure benefited several clients. MIS has experience in crafting DevOps solutions that leverage AWS and internal products/service capabilities to meet customer’s most critical requirements. With Administration of up to several hundred Linux servers in Amazon Web Services, MIS consultants work with Information System Security Officers to make sure all standards and guidelines policies are implemented. MIS expertise in providing on-site DevOps Services focused on:

  • Automated release pipelines,testing during release, Continuous delivery,integration with Jenkins.DEVOPS
  • Treating infrastructure as code using tools like Chef, Windows PowerShell DSC, StatsD/Graphite, Logstash, and Github
  • Streamline Releases with pre-authorization processes and workflows
  • Provide DevOps Visibility through an integrated change workspace
  • Integrate with DevOps Toolchain using RESTful API
  • Improve Collaboration with notifications, alerts and a change calendar.
  • Compliance to System Security and audit-able actions.


MIS assist clients their development, troubleshooting and setting up of cloud-based solutions. MIS has expertise in the On-site and Remote System and Database Administration. MIS supports and install and deploy Linux servers and virtualized hosted environment. Automation of common Server operation and tasks are achieved by custom automation scripts and with the use of advanced administration tools.