MIS is one of the fastest growing and most successful Information Technology consulting firms. Our name, our growth, and public recognition are the results of our total commitment to our clients success. We have all the necessary technological and human resources to serve your needs while exceeding your expectations. We use our knowledge, experience, positive attitudes and of course, the best technology innovations to resolve any issues and accomplish strategic projects on time and on budget. Therefore, commitment to client success is our full time job. In addition to the services offered, senior MIS consultants have provided highly effective IT advisory services to numerous organizations. These services have been utilized by clients when faced with such challenges as the replacement of a mission-critical system, build versus buy decisions, evaluation of IT departmental effectiveness, staff planning, and IT strategy definition.


MIS offers a broad range of technology services to deliver best in class solutions. Whether it is implementing a package-based application or creating a unique solution for your enterprise, the team has expertise as software architects, developers, and project managers to provide a proven foundation for successful execution of the client’s vision. The team has helped many organizations from different industries. Our technology solutions balance innovation and business needs, including modernizing core platforms, reducing compliance risk and improving total cost of ownership. Our unbiased approach to technology solutions leverages your IT assets to maximize business value.


MIS’s Information Technology services help bring order to the complexities of enterprise computing by consistently delivering premier technology solutions at a fair market price, backed by world-class support. Customers trust MIS over other IT consulting firms for our fast response and global installation and network support — a level of service many IT support companies just can’t provide. We work closely with our customers and business partners to streamline their technology infrastructure, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We have gained experience and deep expertise that bring added value to our work in the commercial IT industries.