Title Computer Systems Engineers/Architect
Position Computer Systems Engineers/Architect
Position ID 01032018MIS
Location Dallas TX
Date Posted 2018-03-10

Computer Systems Engineers/Architect would engage in IT Server and Cloud infrastructure planning selection and implementation of IT Enterprise infrastructure projects. To Architect, design, facilitate, lead and direct cloud initiatives.  Provide Configuration Management and Release/Build management in all stages of full development and delivery of the services.

The detailed Duties and possibilities are:

  • Plan select and implement the IT infrastructure projects: Including Architecture, Analysis, Technical Design, Development, Implementation, Performance Tuning, Testing, Configuration Management and Release/Build management in all stages of full Development and delivery of the Services to go in to production
  • Implement Service Mapping enterprise business services in the organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services.
  • Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements.
  • Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes.
  • Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
  • Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture.
  • Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components. Perform day to day administration of the Service-Now tool Maintain business services and configuration item relationships in client’s infrastructure.
  • Develop necessary development documentation as needed e.g. technical design, developer notes as scrum master.
  • Performs core configuration tasks including system policies, business rules and client scripts.
  • Create templates to Configure servers to meet functional specifications.  Develop or approve project plans, schedules, or budgets.
  • Develop system engineering, software engineering, system integration, or distributed system architectures.
  • Establish functional or system standards to address operational requirements, quality requirements, and design constraints.
  • Implement Traffic-based discovery in Service Mapping & Discovery of business services on cloud using Service Mapping.
  • Investigate performance issues, learn troubleshooting tools, and use system logs to find issues.
  • Coordinates installation of Service Now upgrades and/or service packs. Develops and manages the preparation of systems, test criteria and control for upgrades, service packs, new functionality, enhancements or error correction.
  • Develops and modify work-flow procedures, and prepares systems documentation.
  • Communicate Status report to customers, other technology specialists & vendor’s task progress.
  • Develop code and provide solutions for applications which dynamically scales, automatically adding/removing cloud based compute, storage and network resources based upon changing workloads using Microsoft PowerShell.
  • Work directly with the Azure Product team in tracking and resolving defects in the beta Azure IaaS offering with Microsoft Research team in developing a non-linear, metaheuristic algorithm to dramatically improve existing program.
  • Design system for the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) platform to ensure massive compute resources are available to allow scale internationally.
  • Developed Azure based high performance compute environment to support the massive computational requirements of client’s applications.
Required Experience & Skills

To perform these duties of complex in nature, the position of Computer Systems Engineers/Architect require advanced computer systems engineering skills with the minimum education of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or an equivalent in the related field.

Education Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
Compensation MARKET
Position Type FULL TIME
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